Walking The Path of Spirituality


I have noticed that since I started my journey of spirituality, I seem to be alone. I have not attracted a soul mate or not even someone I can share this journey on.
when one pursues this course am I expected to be alone in the path I walk ?


First, I commend the fact that you are observing what's happening rather than complaining about it. This shows a certain level of spiritual maturity.

There are many levels to this question - I'll get some of a simpler ones out of the way first.

On some level, all human beings are connected and intertwined. As a matter of fact, we are all parts of a single entity, much like the tips of the waves in the ocean. The wave themselves are distinguishable from each other, but on a deeper level they are all connected and a part of the same thing - the ocean.

On a less "philosophical" level, and on the other side of the spectrum, we are all alone. We each walk our individual path, regardless of who is near us at the time. Even our spouses and our children our not "our path", but rather they are "on our path", to provide opportunities for growth and enlightenment.

Now that we got the obvious out of the way, let's take a more practical look at this question. The simple answer is: "sometimes - depending on the specific spiritual lesson that your current state of consciousness is making available for you."

Generally speaking, everything in life has cycles. Our spiritual growth is no different. There are times of constant insights and progress, and there are times of stagnation and procrastination. There are times of clarity and times of confusion. In much the same way, there are times that we walk our path along, and there are times we are joined by somebody who walking the same path as we do.

At the of the day, I believe a healthy balance is required and desired. A person should have a counterpart, a partner that would challenge, mirror and support them in their growth. And at the same time, have the space to go through some processes alone.

From my experienced I noticed - and this may be relevant to your question - that there is a specific situation where being alone is significantly different that other similar periods.

During the first years of our maturity, we usually seek relationship that would challenge a certain aspect of our personality or character. We attract certain partners that make use go through the same "script" again and again, usually to resolve some childhood or even earlier trauma and transform ourselves.

After going through the same experience again and again with different though similar partners, we finally realize the "fault" is not with our partners, but rather the responsibility is ours. This is where the transformation takes place, and we realize we've been looking in all the wrong places and evaluating our partners in all the wrong ways.

The next phase, which is where I believe you may be, is spending some quality time with ourselves, and re-programming the way we view relationships in general and initiate relationships in particular. This phase also includes, most of the time, the growing realization of the price we pay by being in a relationship with the wrong person or for the wrong reasons.

The good news is that at the end of this phase, we have grown spiritually and emotionally, and we have clarity as to who we choose to be in a relationship with. Once we have this clarity, it is relatively easy and fast to create the intention that would attract our soul mate to us.

So my advice to you is to focus and meditate on this questions "Who do I have to be in order to attract the person I would be attracted to?". The deeper you let this question take you into your heart and soul, the clearer you will be as to where and how to attract your soul mate.

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