The Source of Attraction


i was recently in a relationship with a older guy whom i worked with..well he was my boss and he cheated on me witha fellow employee who i cant stand.. even when i found out he cheated i took him back..he has a wife and kids and being the mistress was fine because i loved him. what sucks is i feel like i cant work their anymore im so unhappy and get so jelous when i see him with the girl he cheated on me with laughing and having a good time. i dont know what to do. i love this guy so much. this is killiing me…. so lost


It is important to understand why we are attracted to someone, and what the source of this attraction is.

Human beings are wired with the built-in ability to desire. We desire and our desire is part of what defines us as human beings.

We desire the people, things and circumstances that we need, and we attract those into our lives. And here we need to make a distinction between what we need and what we think we need (which is in the actually what we want).

You main issue, in my opinion, is extremely low self-esteem. You think so little of yourself and your spirit is struggling to send you signals to transform the way you look at yourself. Unfortunately, most people resist change so much, that they require great amounts of suffering to wake up. This is what you're experiencing now. The Universe, or God, or your soul, or whatever you choose to call it, is trying to wake you up and get you to realize that you are betraying your purpose in this life on this planet.

So you (your higher you) is attracting people and circumstances again and again, that inflict pain and suffering on you, so that you'll finally say enough is enough and choose to wake up and start walking a higher path.

I believe you are very close to that point. You've obviously been in this unhappy situation for a while, and I would guess it is not the first time. But now, for the first time, you can observe yourself experiencing this experience, and you are seeking answers. I congratulate you for that!

So my advice to you is this: realize and accept that you are a perfect daughter of the Universe(or Nature or God), and as such you deserve to be treated with respect, integrity, compassion and love. Understand that this older guy has been there for you to shake you and wake you up so that you can realize your true nature and true worth, and thank him for that (whether to his face or not, is up to you). At the same time, realize that being in a relationship built on disrespect and lack of integrity doesn't serve you anymore. I recommend you take a break from intimate relationship and take the time to define who you are as a woman, as a queen and as a goddess. Once you go through this transformation, you will know it is time to be in a relationship again, but this time, a relationship that is respectful, empowering, nurturing, loving and built on integrity and openness.

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