The Edge of Evolution

Imagine a writer, living in Hollywood. He's been there a few year already, trying to make it. He had a few gigs but nothing to write home about. He is on the verge of giving up and going back home, yet he decides to give it one last chance, and that's it.

Are you with me so far? Can you imagine this? Can you feel how he's feeling? Can you put yourself in his shoes?

Anyway, this writer comes up with an idea for a movie. An idea nobody has ever thought about. It's exciting, full of action and romance and grandiose battles between good and evil, and it is spiritual and meaningful and mind-expanding. He gives it the title "The Edge of Evolution"…

The idea we're imagining this writer to have for his masterpiece (he hopes) tells the story of an extremely evolved species. They're tens of thousands of years ahead of us. They are spiritual beings who once were just like us - doubtful, fearful, desperately clinging to their physical bodies and their physical possessions of no real value at all, attached to unimportant outcomes, creating war and poverty to avoid dealing with the important stuff, living in the center of a miraculous universe standing by to serve them, yet too busy with themselves to notice it. But today, these advanced beings have long left all that behind. They evolved beyond concepts like heaven, countries, religion, possessions, greed, hunger, just like in John Lennon's song. They now live in complete harmony with themselves and the universe, they know the answers to the deepest most profound questions of the Universe - how did we get here? why are we here? where is 'here'?

They have completely deserted their dependency on material things. They are spiritual beings made of love and light, floating around the Universe, communicating with each other through thought-waves, and constantly exist in a state of ecstasy through experiencing the Universe without filters, without shells. They fool around with the planets and make love to the suns. They can create worlds with a single thought.

But - and this is where the plot twists for the first time - they have one thing, just ONE thing that is missing, that prevents their existence from being perfect.

They remember their history. They remember the difficult, challenging and even deadly tests they had to go through to get to where they are. They remember they had to experience war so many times before they realized the price was too high. That they lived in darkness and isolation and separation for so many years before they realized they didn't have to. That they had to experience so many divorces before they started teaching their children about relationships. That they had to be hungry and die and protest and fight and die more before they figured out how to make enough food for everybody. They owned so much until there was nothing more to own. They spread so much there was nowhere left to spread. They consumed their entire world until there was nothing left to consume. So they stopped spreading and consuming and started going deeper, giving up what they didn't really need, accepting reality for what it is, willing to let go of all that wasn't them.

They remember how through pain and suffering and many mistakes they slowly evolved. And that felt great. But there were other times. Dark times. Times when many didn't want to evolve, and fought against it and hurt others who thought differently than them.

They know they can't just sit back and enjoy the ride. They got here by working hard on themselves and they know that the minute you stop working, the minute you relax into your comfort zone, you slip back, slowly but surely, to being small, doubtful, fearful and self-absorbed. They know they have to keep growing.

And this is where our friend the write got stuck. You see, he couldn't come up with a way for such an evolved species to evolve even more. They already know all the answers, they already made and fixed all the mistakes. They have no attachment, no ego, no boundaries, no physical bodies - and they have the creative power of God! They are pure beings of light and energy - how can they possibly evolve more than that?

The writer was stuck. He couldn't figure it out. He couldn't find the solution. He knew it was out there, brilliant, genius even, waiting to be discovered and written and produced and nominated for Oscar. But he couldn't put his finger on it.

And then it dawned on him. He figured it out! He knew he had it right!

The only way this highly evolved species can evolve even more is by making a conscious choice to FORGET what they have learned! In order for their soul to stay fully awake and vibrating on the highest level, they must give up their state of constant bliss and experience - once again - doubt, fear, pain and mortality.

So they have put their thought waves together from across the entire Universe, and instantly created USS - the University of the Solar Systems. It was brilliant! For each soul, they have created an entire Solar System, fully loaded with all the required features: a Sun, several Planets, Life, Nature, Oceans, Plants, Birds, Apes, Humans and so on. Each OSS (Operating Solar System) is specifically designed and tailored to the exact Spiritual Growth needs of its designated User. The User is going carefully over the details, again and again, to make sure the entire Training Program is 100% exactly what she needs.

When everything is just Perfect, the User downloads herself into the OSS and just before she is being physically "born" into it, she shuts down her Collective Memory and forgets everything.

Then she goes through the Experience, through every event and every character and every twist she chose for herself. That takes about 80-90 years.

Then comes Graduation. The departure. Being uploaded back into her old self, into the Collective Memory. Back to Bliss.

And then comes the de-briefing: How she did on this occasion and on that occasion, how she handled her relationships and career, and how she totally missed that whole adventure she so carefully designed for herself because of some stupid fear or whatever. Really, what was she thinking at the time? That was supposed to be one of the best experiences of her life, and she totally blew it! Now she'll have to do it all over again, so that maybe THIS time she'll get to experience it. Then she checks in with all the others, telepathically of course. And they all admit - no matter the Experience they chose for themselves - every single one of them had an extraordinary time.

The writer was ecstatic. This is going to be a HIT. This is such a great idea for a movie. This is bigger than the Matrix!

But in his heart he knew that what he had so far was just a really good movie. He still needed something more to turn it into a Masterpiece… what if… no, that's not going to work… but wait, what if those Aliens, what if the OSS is actually…. us… what if, just before the movies ends, we'll suddenly expose that the OSS, the Operating Solar System is actually our Solar System, and that everything in it, all Planets, and Life and 7 Billion People were design for You - The One watching this movie? What if somebody looks straight at the camera at the end of the movie and says something like: "Everything You have, everything that ever happened to You , every person that hurt You and every person that You hurt, and all those who Loved You - what if You had put them there for You to experience. You've chosen all this for your self. Have it! Experience it! Share it! Enjoy it!"

What if… the writer's thoughts suddenly began to drift… what if…

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