Opening the Third Eye


I was told that when I was born that there was a veil over my face. My mother said that meant that I would see spirits, I used to see them all the time they scared me because I did'nt know a precious gift that I had so I prayed to God to take it away and now I really regret that. Can you help me?


I think that what you're describing is a pretty common experience, though it manifests differently for different people.

When we are born into this world, we are whole and pure and connected to the Universe, but we have no way of understanding our experience or express ourselves.

As we grow up, through interaction with the world and people around us, we learn & develop skills like walking, talking, thinking and so on.

As an integral part of this process, we experience pain, frustration, disappointment and other uncomfortable feelings, so we start developing shields and defense mechanisms and other protective layers and way to "protect" ourselves against what we believe is harming us.

Unfortunately, as we go through that, we also give up some really important things, like openness, and vulnerability, and ability to connect with other people on a very deep level. And, in your case, the ability to see things that are hidden from others.

I believe that these abilities are still within us, they are simply hidden and stored away and covered with baggage and limiting beliefs we accumulated over the years.

I believe that a true spiritual journey is a journey inward, one that uses your external reality as a guide and mirror to explore your inner reality.

So my advice to you in to focus on cleansing and purifying yourself, and teach yourself to let go of things that don't serve you.

Don't focus on getting rid of the negative, because the law of attraction says what you focus on expand. Focus on inviting those things you do need, while slowly letting the "negative" things fall away.

Cleansing can and should happen on different levels: eat better food, exercise to boost your metabolism and release toxins, meditate (again - don't focus on getting rid of negative thoughts, rather focus on inviting positive thoughts) - in other words, start adding things, activities and people to your life that encourage cleansing, and let the rest go.

I would recommend you get two amulets at this point:

- Spiritual Cleansing Amulet to support your cleansing process
- Angel's Touch Amulet to re-awaken your connection with the spirit world and open your Third Eye.

Start by meditating twice a day - once with each amulet and with a specific intention, and then adjust to get better results.

One last piece of advice: accept the fact that you may or may not get this ability back. Any kind of negative emotion - sadness, anger, guilt etc - would only create another layer you'll need to peel and would slow the process down.

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