How To Bring Them Back?


Can an amulet make the person your in love with come back into your life? even if you guys live far and don't see each other? how long does the process take?

NOTE: This question was asked specifically about Kabbalah Amulets that can be found HERE


This is a very interesting question - thank you for asking.

The short answer is: it depends.

Allow me to explain: The underlying assumption is that we create our own lives. That is true for everybody, not just yourself, which means that we can't really control or change other people, only ourselves. You may be able to temporarily attract and hold somebody close to you (like you pull on a rubber band), but you'll have to continually maintain the stress, otherwise that person (and the rubber band) will fly away from you. Also, maintaining a relationship in this way is exhausting, counter-productive and will lead to either resentment, resignation or explosion.

So why did I say "it depends"? Because very often opportunities, people and things are aligned with who we really are, and are simply waiting for us to realize that. The perfect partner can be right there, but you still need to evolve, expand or otherwise change yourself in order to be able to manifest this possiblity effortlessly. The most common reason that causes people miss out on such possibilites (which are constantly around us) is fear: fear of failing, fear of being rejected, even fear of succedding (because if you have something there is a chance you'll end up losing it). Low self esteem, depression and dependency on others are indications for such a situation.

So my advice to you is to focus on yourself and only on yourself. Observe your thoughts, emotions and actions, and ask yourself this: Am I being who I want to be? Am I being who I know I am? And also: am I being somebody that can be loved by the person with whom I'm in love? If the answer is no, get busy on it!

I don't know if this person you're talking about will come back into your life. Some people have the potential of becoming our friends, partners, teachers and students for the rest of our lives. Others just walk on by and offer us an opportunity to see something about ourselves we couldn't otherwise see. Both are important to our spiritual and personal development and it's important to remember that letting go at the right time is as beneficial as persisting and insisting, and it's the wisdon to tell them apart that makes the difference.

In addition to that, if you somehow get that person back into your life WITHOUT changing yourself first, the same reason that made them go away the first time and will make them go away again, and this time it'll be much more painful for both you.

The Kabbalah Amulets are for personal use. They can only change the world around you by changing you from within, which is the only way to change anything anyway.

Take some time to reflect - meditate, take a weekend off or take a long bath. Keep asking yourself the question - how am I being such that that person is not a part of my life anymore? If you ask yourself this question long enough, and really wish to find the answer, it will come to you. And when it does, you'll realize that the answer to this question is much more important than actually getting that person back. And at this point, whether you choose to re-connect with them or not, you'll learn to appreciate and be grateful for the valuable experience and growth opportunity they made available for you.

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