Why Has My Life Been So Difficult?


Why has my life been so difficult?


I could tell you a story about spiritual beings made of pure love and light.

As a matter of fact, I don't have to tell you this story, you can read it for yourself, and if you want to get the full benefit of this advice, you should read the whole story before reading on… so here's the link again.

But, with your permission, I'll continue. I would venture to say that someone who is searching the Internet for answers, finds this website, and then sends a 7-word question, needs to hear more than a story.

I would risk suggesting that you sometimes, possibly often, look for the shortcuts in life. That you're looking for the easier way. That you like thinking that your life should be something else than they are. That you victimize yourself instead of owning who you are. That you feel cheated out of what should be rightfully yours instead of facing reality , accepting it for what it is and making powerful choices.

If you're reading this line before reading the short story all the way to the end, you just proved my theory :) There is nothing bad about that, and I have no judgement at all. It is my gift to you, and to prove that I'll post the link again for your convenience.

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