Chronic Anxiety


How can I heal from debilitating chronic anxiety disorder that keeps me inept?


Anxiety or fretfulness is a persistent feeling of uneasiness over the unfolding of future events. On the one hand this can be good in that it provides us with motivation. The fear of being hungry and homeless provides the drive to go out to work. In such cases, when we see the paycheck and settle into a routine we usually calm down.

On the other hand there are many for whom this apprehension persists regardless of the circumstances. This can be either specific, whereby there is an identifiable object of worry or nonspecific, for which there is no apparent reason for being so vexed. This level of discomfort is the opposite of trust and confidence. Thus the root cause of anxiety is in not understanding the relationship between us and our Creator.

Moreover, the dark spirit within us wants to foster the feeling of independent existence. It has a distinct advantage because God has deliberately concealed his presence to allow for self awareness. Hence when we operate our five senses we cannot experience God's presence. We can only learn about it through reading and studying. However, once we come to learn and understand that the Omnipresent has created reality within Himself, we begin to realize that nothing is left to chance. Everything that happens is an opportunity to become who we are destined to be.

The Resolution – Finding Faith

As said previously, the root cause of anxiety is not being able to trust in the Almighty. It is that simple. The question then is, "How do we fix it?" Developing such total faith in God requires transformation. For most people God is a mere concept, because He does not allow us to see His glory, to hear His voice or to feel His presence.

Even devoted believers find themselves in doubt every now and again, so how could we, who were trained to trust what we learned in school and do what the TV tells us, let go of these limiting beliefs and psychological conditioning, and have faith that whatever happens happens for our own good?

First thing I'm inviting you to do is to try this on for size:

What if everything that happens, happens exactly as it should, for my own full and complete benefit? What if I fully accept the fact that the "how" and the "why" are, in most cases, invisible to me, and it'll still be OK in the end? What if I can relax into this new perception - that where I am is exactly where I'm supposed to be, and that everything happens for a reason, and the reason is to support my spiritual journey? How would I feel if I knew beyond doubt that I will be taken care of no matter what? That when I don't get what I want or what I think I need, it's totally OK since I'll eventually get what I REALLY need?

If you visualize living your life from this place and it feels comforting and empowering, then you're on the right track.

The next advice is to start observing closely, from this new perspective, at what is happening, as well as re-visiting what happened in the past?

Did something happened to you in the past, and at the time you thought it was a disaster, and then it turned out to be a blessing in disguise? Can you identify more events like this in your past? Can you visualize how your current circumstances can lead to new blessings if you stop being afraid?

While doing this internal re-programming, surround yourself with people and things that would support the new you. Put a sign "I choose to believe" on your bathroom mirror, and were a T-Shirt that says: "I am God's child and I will always be taken care", take classes, read books and watch movies that support your transition, and so on.

One of the things that may be useful for this transition is the Joy of Life Amulet, which helps its owner to see the good in any situation. It will support your transition from a state of chronic anxiety to having the faith mentioned above.

Here's the link Joy of Life Amulet

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