Am I Good Enough?


There are certain things I truly believe are possible that… I have yet to experience. The minds eye… whatever that is, that so many have seemingly experienced. out-of-body experiences… sigh… at times i meditate until i am barely breathing… not in trying to accomplish… yes, that is what i desire to experience… but i meditate on letting go, of being only awareness… not of experiencing it… still there is nothing, just a sometimes colored, fluctuating mass of awareness… patience & belief turn to doubt & anger. sure i am grateful to experience some wisdom of self, of what must be in the way… whatever. i really believe more is available, to everyone. I feel like a failure, that I\'m not good enough, smart enough, free enough, that i don\'t believe enough, that I\'m not ready enough, that maybe there isn\'t anything available… maybe. I… ? i feel foolish, but any advice is appreciated.


Yes, my dear friend, you are good enough!

I don't know you. I have never met you and I know nothing about you. I know even less about anybody else who is reading these lines now. And yet I am convinced, with every fiber of my being, that you are good enough.

What makes me so sure?

You have designed in a very specific way. Your entire life has been written, as a script, even before you were born. You path is filled with opportunities, specifically tailored to you, for growth and for serving your purpose. Your life has been full of parents, and teachers, and friends and TV and movies and celebrities and girlfriends and women you've missed and opportunities you've failed to take, so that at this very moment you can ask yourself this question: "Am I good enough?".

There a small yet extremely significant difference between saying to yourself "I'm not good enough" and asking yourself "Am I good enough?". When you're asking yourself this question honestly, you leave room for the answer to be YES. And even though I, and probably many others, have already told you that the answer is YES, you yourself may not be convinced yet.

I've recently watched the movie "Lady in the Water". It is in my opinion a beautiful movie discussing the topic of purpose. Every character in that movie, as weird and ridiculous it may have seem, was perfectly designed to play a critical part in the bigger scheme of things. Every so-called imperfection is perfectly designed to serve a purpose.

You've been brainwashed, my friend. You've been living inside a dream world called the Matrix or the Western World, or the United States, or whatever, that convinced you that you are not good enough so that you will buy and consume products that would make you perfect.

So my advice to you is change your question. Accept, or at least try on, the notion that you are not only good enough, but you are actually perfect. And instead of asking "Am I good enough?", ask yourself this: "I know I am perfect just the way I am, but perfect for what?" in others words, don't compare yourself to what you think other people consider to be good enough. Search inside yourself and seek your purpose. what is it that you, and you alone, can do for this world? What is your unique gift that only you can give to the world?

And a word of advice about meditation: meditation is not about "out-of-body experiences" or "being only awareness". It is ALL about being present to whatever experience you are experiencing. Meditation is about silencing EVERYTHING ELSE - the TV, the parents, the spouse, the media, the newspapers, the iPhones, the Blackberries, the children, the dog, etc…. it is about spending time with yourself, it is about befriending your body, mind and spirit as the loyal servants that serve you during your visit here on Earth.

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