Most likely you are asking yourself two questions: "Why is this website here?" and "How can I benefit from it?". If you're not, I'm inviting you now to ask yourself these questions, and I'm offering a reply in the lines below.

Several years ago I went through a traumatic experience that forced me to re-evaluate my perception of life and its priorities. The details of that experience are irrelevant, since one person's traumatic experience may be trivial to another. The important thing is that my understanding of life at the time was not able to contain the events I was facing, so it broke down and made room for a new one.

It took me the best part of four very committed years to re-build myself and re-define my view of the world. I read books, had therapy & coaching, attended self-help seminars and workshops, did plenty of Yoga, quit smoking, and the list is long.

Throughout this process I've gained a significant amount of knowledge, experience, understanding and insights, as well as a strong desire to share all that with other people. I've discovered the concept of purpose and how powerful it can be when applied to one's life.

I am no Guru and my journey is far from being complete. This website is simply another chapter of my journey, to which I humbly invite you to join - not a one-directional lecture, but a bi-directional cyclic conversation in which each side listens, thinks and responds and both are co-creating the value they wish to receive.

Whatever interaction we will end up having through this website, I believe we will both be better off for it, as will the rest of the visitors to this website.

Blessings, Ilan.

NOTE: This website is no longer active - it has been incorporated into Healers.LA - an online portal exploring healing, growth & conscious lifestyle, serving Los Angeles and Southern California.

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