On this site you can submit questions you have about yourself, your life and the world.

I will do my best to answer it - honestly, compassionately, gently and to the point.

Why should you listen to what I have to say?

Our world is full of endless opportunities for personal growth and self improvement. It was created and designed exactly for that purpose.

Everything you have in your life, and every person you've ever come in contact with, were there to serve you as you walk your path. In the same way, you were placed in the path of every person you've ever met to serve them in their journey of spiritual awakening.

If you believe this to be true, your being here and reading these lines mean that we - you and I - have been presented with the opportunity to serve each other. Most likely, you can serve me by honoring me with your openness and trust and allowing me to touch the true essence of your life. In return, I may serve you by revealing to you some truth about you and your world that has eluded you thus far. If you feel we can serve each other in a different way, please contact me.

We are constantly surrounded by endless opportunities. But we both know we don't always notice them, accept them or know how to grab them. It is still, and always will be, up to us to listen and identify these opportunities, and take the appropriate action to turn them into growth. At this very moment, you can grab this opportunity by submitting your question here..., and letting the Universe work its magic.

Be open and remember that you have the final, total and absolute responsibility for your life. Your life is yours to create in any way you so choose.

Other important stuff

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